4 Tips To Nail A Black-Tie Event Look

Events along the lines of a ball or a corporate business party are considered to be black-tie events. These functions often tend to be a bit more over the top and call for a dress code that is more formal than business wear. For men, it is pretty straightforward as it clearly means a tux but for the ladies, the dress code seems to get a bit trickier. It stirs up quite a lot of excitement and fear at the same time. You don’t want to stick out from the rest of the crowd for dressing inappropriately. Follow the 4 simple tips given below to ensure you not only dress for the occasion, but also dress to impress!

Stay Open-minded to the Available Options

By default, women’s minds go straight to designer dresses Melbourne and gowns that are full-length when invited to a black-tie event. However, you need to stay open to the wide-array of options available. Even a smart cocktail dress would suit the occasion. It can vary in length as well, from long to midi to short. However, common practice calls for dresses that are not too short in length and are ideally below the knee.

Be Mindful of the Body Shape and Size

This is by far the most important thing to consider when choosing any outfit. For a black-tie event, it has always been a norm for ladies to wear a dress or gown of some sorts. It is advisable for taller women to go for a long, flowing gown as it complements the height. Shorter, petite women tend to look better in fitted dresses that cut off at the knee as it draws much needed attention to the legs giving a taller look.

Be Bold with Colours

As long as the invitation does not explicitly mention a colour code, feel free to experiment and be brave with your choice of colour. For starters, the key is that you don’t have to stick to black! Well-designed summer maxi dresses that come in bright colours and prints go well too. Next, is to think about the right accessories to complete the look.

Pay Attention to Accessories

Wearing a pretty dress alone is not enough. You have to accessorize it well enough to stand out and make a killer impression. This might include choosing a statement piece of necklace for a couture dress or picking out a clutch bag that goes best with a gown. All accessories from jewellery to bags, right down to the pair of heels makes a big difference. Therefore, it is important to make sure everything is in tune with the rest of the outfit, even the make up on your face!